Screw-Retained Full Arch Prostheses


Hi-Point Dental Lab’s next generation screw-retained full arch prostheses leverages cutting edge technology with masterful craftmanship. Our seasoned dental technicians fabricate the best-in-class product while elevating patient care and experience.

  • SCAN: Hi-Point Dental Lab uses the iCam 4D photogrammetry system which combines scanning techniques to capture 3D data to provide exact location and positioning of dental implants to be restored. This all-digital scan reduces hours of chair-time into minutes which results in:
    • Cost Savings
      • Valuable chair time reduction
      • Elimination of materials
      • Accurate outcome of perfectly fitting prostheses
    • Improved Patient Experience
      • Digital impressions are known to be less invasive and comfortable than the traditional impressions
      • Doctor, clinic, and patient satisfaction

•                    CAD: Hi-Point Dental Lab’s design team are certified dental technician who has decades of full arch experience. We are using industry leading CAD software like 3Shape, Exocad and Dental Wings to design the most lifelike and best fitting restorations in the industry.

•                    CAM: Our 3D printers and milling machines are the choice for our top clinicians who desire the best results. Hi-Point uses top grade materials to produce high quality full arch implant restorations. All of our designs and final restorations undergo quality control checks to ensure accuracy and fit.

Contact us to book an appointment. Hi-Point Dental Lab will provide onsite scan service within 100 miles radius of Chicago, IL.

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